Sunday, March 4, 2012

Second Sunday of Lent

Psalm 29Genesis 41:14-45Romans 6:3-14John 5:19-24

In Psalm 29 we are given a vision of God enthroned in peace above the chaos of the earth. As we proceed through Lent, I am struck by this view. Not so much the idea of an impassive king untouched by those outside his castle, but rather the idea of not allowing the hectic world consume us.

During Lent we are offered the chance, the excuse really, to step back and not let our crazy life become our god. We are overwhelmed with information, 24-hour news commentators, Facebook, Twitter and cell phones now provide the constant static of our world. Add to that the worries of a shaky economy, disappearing investments and jobs that cause us to work longer and harder for less. In many parts of the economy you either do the extra work, or you know that there are those who will gladly do so, just to have work again.

But this season of the church year allows us to say NO that I will not let myself be ground down. We are allowed the gift of taking the opportunity to turn off and be quiet. To allow ourselves to collect, recharge, to stop and think. And in this space we may find the joy that the psalmist wrote of; the joy of the young calf, skipping in the pasture in spring.

— Buck Smith

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